Information in English

Ynnä’s Approbatur is coming again and this year it is on 5.4.2017!

The happening starts from Lounaispuisto at 5pm or 5.30pm. It is your own decision which start you will attend. During the evening you just go a round some pubs, collect marks and spend awesome time with other students! The final party is at the Club Escape where live band Aktikitka will dance us throughout the evening!

Briefly: what is Ynnä’s Approbatur? Ynnä’s Approbatur is one of the most popular student happenings by Ynnä during the year. Event’s idea is to visit different bars and collect marks which you will get from drinks (don’t have to include alcohol). You get grade from your achievement according how many marks you have collected. You have 6 hours to complete the degree and find your way to Club Escape, where examiners will verify the degree.

The limits of marks you have to get in total during the evening (women/men/group):

  • Approbatur 11/13/54
  • Cum Laude 14/16/66
  • Laudatur 18/20/82
  • Tohtori 20/25/102

There are also stamp limits per a single bar, for Approbatur it is 1, for Cum Laude & Laudatur 2 and for Tohtori 3.

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