26.04.2021 - 27.04.2021    
Koko päivä


Ahlmaninkatu 2, Jyväskylä


MITÄ? Vapbusuunnistus
MISSÄ? Yliopiston kampuksella
MILLOIN? maanantai-tiistai 26.-27.4.
MIKSI? Koska ulkoilu on kivaa :)


In English


With the arrival of spring and the warming of the weather, what better way to spend time than going outdoors. Therefore, Ynnä organizes Vapbus Orienteering on the campus of the University of Jyväskylä. As a reward for successful performance, you will receive a Semma menu ticket. So pull the overalls on and put your backpack on for lunch and a drink.

Orienteering will be held from Monday to Tuesday, April 26-27. So you can do the orienteering at any time, either on Monday or Tuesday. In this way, we aim to keep the event safe and guarantee safety distances. To redeem the prize, take a selfie of yourself at all checkpoints and send pictures to the event team e-mail tapahtumavastaava@ynna.fi (make sure to post all of your pictures under one conversation so we can check them easily). The orienteering map will be published on Känny magazine (link below).

A link to the Känny will appear here after the magazine is published.


WHAT? Vapbuorienteering
WHERE? on the campus of Jyväskylä University
WHEN? monday-tuesday 26.-27.4.
WHY? Because outdoor activities are fun :)